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Chapter 5 All together in Venice

Chapter 5

All together in Venice

The week after, they left. On that day, Rottbarth got up very calm and he went into Iseult’s room to see her, but, when he arrived, she wasn’t there. He ran to Remigius to ask where Iseult was. The magician replied that she had left in the morning very early with Tristam. Rottbarth was furious and he decided to leave to Venice and said to Remigius:

“Pack my and your suitcases! Hurry up!” .

Remigius didn’t want to leave, but he followed the orders, because he didn’t want that Rottbarth punished him. In this way, few hours after, Tristam and Iseult, Remigius and Rottbarth and their retinues went to Venice. Rottbarth had sent a letter to Lord Tower and he had written on it:

I’m going to arrive with Remigius at your palace, because I know you’re giving hospitality to Iseult and her retinue, tomorrow.


Rottbarth Karkaroff

The journey was very long and during it Remigius and Rottbarth invented a new plan. On the 3rd of February all people arrived in Venice at 9.00 . Tristam led Iseult to Lord’s palace, kissed her and he said:

“I’m going in the forest for the appointment with the Lord. Stay in the palace and don’t go out without guards. You are a young girl and you are very beautiful, so the thieves could harm you!”.

After that, he went into the forest and he left Iseult alone. In the meantime Rottbarth entered in the palace and he went to his room, while Remigius was preparing all things to kill Tristam. Few minutes after Rottbarth was walking in the forest where Tristam was, to spy on him. He was wearing a feminine dress and he was taking a wig with long brown hair, because he didn’t want that Tristam recognized him. He was turning around a tree when he became pale and stammered:


a voice exclaimed: “Trick or treat?”.

It was Tristam’s voice.

“Treat!... No…Tristam!” Rottbarth replied. Tristam said:

“Yes, it’s my name!”

and Rottbarth “I know!”, so Tristam exlclaimed

“Wonderful! And…who are you?”,

Rottbarth answered: “Rottbarth!”.

Then Tristam, while he was laughing, stammered:


and Rottbarth said: “Romeo and Juliet!”,

Tristam was perplexed and he replied:

“No, I said Rottbarth. I don’t believe you! You aren’t Rottbarth! He’s a boy, no a girl!”.

Rottbarth, furious, threw on the earth the wig and tore the dress, so Tristam continued to laugh and he couldn’t stop. In the meantime, at the Lord’s residence, Iseult met Lord John Tower and she asked him:

“Lord, you sent a letter to Tristam to invite him here and you wrote that he had to go in the forest to meet you, why aren’t you there?”,

the Lord, surprised, answered:

“But.. I didn’t send a letter to Tristam. You, my princess, sent a letter to me for coming here!”.

Iseult was worried and asked:

“Is it true?”,

“Yes, my princess!”

replied the Lord sure. In meantime, Iseult heard Remigius’ voice, he was saying:

“Oh my God. I hate Rottbarth! “Remigius come here!”, “Remigius go there!”, “Remigius do that!”, “Remigius hurry up!”, Remigius, Remigius and Remigius, but who am I? I’m only a man, a poor man. I can’t do everything. He must do something alone!”.

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Romance: from middle age to our days

Ecco quet che le carte empton di sogni,
Lancliotto, Tristano e gil altri erranti,
Onde conven che il voigo errante agogni.

our class

our class

Ist step Introduction



· E mails

· PPt presentation about their country and local reality

· Chat session (after the first contacts)

2nd step web quest

Students investigate the web quest and make a web quest about middle age – website review

The desired outcome of this Quest upon the Web is that you, the student, will have gained knowledge of Middle age, been enriched by having read one of the classic romances of all time.

You will be part of a group of four who will work together in order to complete the tasks. Each group member will accept one role, do all the research needed for that role, and teach the others in your group the knowledge you have gained. The final project will be to creatively present to the class what you have learned. This may be done by combining your individual work into a display or presentation, or you may wish to be creative and do something entirely different. Whatever the case, working together is essential.

Enjoy your tasks and the role you choose

The Process

The Knight

This task, should you choose to accept, is to discover what it was like to be a knight in this period. Find out what his typical day was like, his hobbies . Show it in a 2 page paper or ppt

The everyday man

You will need to find out how someone lived in a village or in a town (choose two or three of the topics offered). Learn what type of food was served; what was the popular entertainment; what were the roles of men and women. After collecting your information, write a two page paper comparing your life as a student in the 21st century to what your life would have been like in that period.

The Historian

As an historian, if this is your choice of roles, you have a longing to find out as much as you can about the historical background of the country you have chosen ..

The Student

You task is to find out about the intellectuals of that

Period and their audience.

Then you have to prepare a set of 15 questions your friends and you are likely to answer.

3rd step romances investigation

Students investigate romances and describe/discuss what they are after having already investigated it with their Italian and history teachers.

4th step production

Students create their own modern day or traditional romance – exchange work between schools.(interaction)

The written romance could be sent to - a website for young people to submit their written work and get it published online

5th step: being more and more creative

they create a story for children or a video

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