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Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Finally, the peace!

The cave was a desert place where there weren’t animals or flowers. All were frightening. The our heroes entered on it. All was dark. Tristam didn’t see anthing. But suddenly he heard a shout. He understood that was Iseult and screamed:

“ I am here, Iseult”.

Rottbarth angry screamed:

“ noooo, how did you succeedin defeating my three animals.”.

After the terrible knight saw the bear and said:

“ unfaithful, kill Tristam”.

But the bear roared and attacked the knight. But Rottbart. Striked it with his sword and the bear died. Tristam said: “ you, you, you will pay it!!!!!” and started to fight with his sword. Rottbarth was a very strong fighter, but also Tristam was strong. They were equal force. Iseult, still a mouse, saw the battle and was worried for Tristam. Meanwhile Remigius tried to kill Frigius and said “ Frigius I will kill you, because my boss ordered it

. “ you are so stupid .., why don’t you rebel to him?”.

And Remigius said: “ I am frightened of my boss,”.

Frigius replied: “ You are a very power magician you can rebel to Rottbarth”.

“ really do you think it?

Ok I’ll help you to kill Rottbarth.”

Suddenly Zara appeared, she wanted to kill Rottbarth and when the terrible knight saw her and screamed

“Do you want to die as your brother?”. “ Don’t worry my dear, I’ll transform you in a mouse as Iseult”. she threw a filter on Rottbarth and he was transformed in a black and bad mouse.

With an other spell Zara made disappear Rottbarth and the peace returned.

Tristam an Iseult thanked Zara . The day after they decided to organize a party with Zara, Remigius, Frigius, the bear and all people of kingdom. Tristam was nominated supreme knight of kingdom.

They lived always happy and glad or almost.

chapter 12

Chapter 12

Looking for Iseult

The day after the boy went to his servant to prepare the horse, in fact the hero wantedtostart to find Iseult in the wood. His slave went with him. During the research they met a unicorn , a splendid creature, it was similar to the horse but with a horn on the head. This creature could speak and when saw Tristam and his slave said:

“ This is a magic place, Why are you walking here?”.

And Tristam answered

“ We want to find Iseult, she had beensformed in a mouse by a terrible knight and his slave Remigius”. The animal replied: “ Ok go, but further on, the wood is and there are a lot of terrible animals . Tristam worried answered

“ Thank you for the notice, bye”.

The animal said “ take a bit of magic powder from me,ue it when you need, it will realize all your wishes. Now go”.

During the journey they met a lion, that blocked them. Tristam screamed but the lion roared and stayed there. So Tristam pulled out his sword, but the lion didn’t move. Suddenly Tristam thought of magic powder and said:

“ I want the lion disappear”.

And the lion disappeared. They went on, but this time they met a black wolf. This wolf was very ferocious and starving. When it saw Tristam and his slave growled and jump to Tristam. The young man pulled out the dagger and struck the wolf but the ferocious animal didn’t die. Tristam screamed and thought of the powder and said:

“ I want the wolf die”.

And the animal died suddenly as for magic. Than the two men met another dangerous animal, they met a bear. which was enormous. Now Tristam was very worried, but with the powder on the hands he said:

“ I want the bear become my servant”.

So the bear went near Tristam and licked his cheek. Tristam smiled and went on with Frigius his slave and the bear. Immediately Tristam thought he could use the magic powder to know where his lovers was. So said “ I want to know where Iseult is”. Suddenly a bubble appeared That showed a enchanted cave

where there were Rottbarth, Remigius and the poor Iseult. The young man understood where the cave was and ran . The road was long but they arrived

Chapter 11 Tristam met Zara

Chapter 11

Tristam met Zara

A bit later Tristam got up stunned, because he had fainted. He ran very quickly at the hut of an old oman. She was a wizard and was able to prepare magic filters. When Tristam entered into the hut she was very happy because she knew the boy. In fact the old woman was Tristam’s nurse. Tristam told her what had happened onhe day of his marriage. The woman, Zara, said: “ I’m sorry for that.I’ll help you, but Rottbarth was avery powerful knight and also Remigius. Tristan worried said

“ Can you help me, I beg you”.

The old woman said:

“ I am an old witch but I am not powerful”.

Tristam answered:

“ clump up ! We together can kill Rottbarth, I’m able to fight and you are able to prepare magic filters”

, she said:

“ Ok I’ll help you but I need three days to prepare the magic potion.

Tristam happy screamed

“ thank you very much, you’ll be rewarded”

she answered

“ No, I don’t want it I want to kill Rottbarth, because he killed my brother”.

“ I’m sorry” replied the boy”.

Meanwhile Rottbarth stayed in an enchanted cave with Frigius and the poor Iseult. She was scared and waited to be free and to kill the horrible knight.

Rottbarth went to the woman and said: “ when I kill Tristam I’ll marry you”,

she screamed: “ No, I prefer to kill”..

he said: “ You’ll see, you’ll see, I’ll kill Tristam and marry you”.

Iseult started to beg to be saved by God.

Meanwhile Tristam returned to his castle to sleep, because was very tired. During the night he thought to Iseult, : “

Where are you? My love, don’t worry I’ll save you very quickly, Rottbarth will die”.

Chapter 10 The marriage

Chapter 10

The marriage

Coming back to the past they decided to get married in a wonderful church, the Church of Saint Tristam, the largest in the city. Tristam approached to Iseult and said:

“ Do you wont marry me, Iseult?”.

The woman weeped of happiness and answered:

“ I do, Tristam”.

Tristam and Iseult smiled and decided the date of wedding, that was on the 3rd day of the next month. The two went to the priest of Saint Tristam, that was situated on the border of city. The priest was happy when he saw Tristam and Iseult, because was worried for their disappearance. They said

“ Dear Faz we want to get married in this churchon the 3rd day of next month”. Don Faz rejoced and said:

“ I am proud of you”.

That month passed very quickly and the day arrived.

Iseult was anxious and worried, also Tristam was worried, but both wanted to get married. The time arrived and Iseult wore splendid and white dress. The dress had been sewn by magic birds, mice, tortoises and rabbits, they were Iseult’s friends. Also Tristam wore his dress as a knight with the magic sword and dagger, after Tristam got onto his horse and went to the church, that was crowded by the guests. Meanwhile Iseult oet in to the carriage, that was driven by white and magic horses. The woman was accompanied by her mother: lady Brigitte. Iseult arrived to the church and was accompanied to the altar by her father Lord Mordred. The priest smiled and said:

“You are in the house of God to get married, so let’s start the ceremony. So Don Faz said:

“ Do you want to marry Tristam, Iseult”,

“ yes I do”

replied the woman. So Don Faz said: “will you marry Iseult, Tristam”, “ yes I will responded.

Don Faz said:

“ now we are husband and wife, Tristam you can kiss Iseult”.

But on that moment a window glass of the church broke out!!!!

“ who is Tristam said.

Rottbarth appeared from the glass , he had returned. Iseult screamed. Rottbarth was on the grifon, a mythological creature with the body of lion and the head of bird. All people fled and screamed. Tristam pulled the sword out tried to wound the grifon but, it was a magic grifon for a potion of Remigius, Rottbarth’s slave. The situation was terrible and Tristam screamed:

“ Rottbarth you’ll die for my hand”. Rottbarth laughed and said “ I’ll kill you very soon”. Iseult was disperate and tried to hide, but the terrible knight saw her and said: “ EVADE MUREM”,

and the woman became a white mouse. Tristam screamed: “ you’ll pay for itn”. Rottbarth saw him and with a magic pushed him far. The terrible knight fled with Iseult and Frigius.

chapter 9

Chapter 9

“ Remigius remembered the magic formula…”

The following day, suddenly, Remigius shouted:


Everybody turned their head to the magician. Remigius continued:

“I’ve found the magic formula!”.

Rottbart said, keeping in laughter:

“ Oh, at last! I hope only that the magic formula isn’t wrong!”.

And Remigius replied:

“ Oh, m..., my Sir. Don’t doubt my magic abilities. I want to remind you that I’ve got the diploma from the best magician school …”.

But Rottbart interrupted him suddenly and shouted:

“ I’m not interested in your school-life! I want to know the magic formula now, because everybody want to go back home. Hurry up! There isn’t any time left!”.

Remigius said:

“ Well, my Sir. I will do everything.”

So the magician was going to pronounce the magic formula…but, suddenly, he shouted:

“ Oh, poor me! I’ve forgot that another time!”.

He wanted to cry, while Rottbart shouted:

“ But, I want to understand what there is in that head!”.

Fortunately, after some minutes, Remigius remembered the magic formula and straight away he said:


What a pity! Because the magic formula was right, but our magician didn’t mistake the words but their position and the position of the letters!!! As soon as Remigius pronounced the magic formula, a very big animal appeared …it looked like a dragon Rottbart was more angry than before and Tristam and Iseult were frightened. But Remigius was happy, because he remembered the magic formula for commanding the animal’s mind. Infact, suddenly, our magician said loudly:


and so he could control the will of this dragon. Tristam worried said:

“ Remigius, what have you done?”.

The magician replied:

“Don’t worry! I’ve only submitted the animal to my will…ihihih. In a very short time, everybody will be at home!”.

But the other three travelles weren’t happy as him…better they didn’t believe his words yet. Remigius, now, appeared strange to Rottbart, Tristam and Iseult. Infact, suddenly, our magician said:

“Are everybody ready to come back home? In some minutes we’ll stay in our London!”.

But the other continued to see him incredulous. They didn’t understand how he could change in this way. All of a sudden, Remigius said happily:

“ Well, let’s go! Now, everybody climb on this dragon…maybe I’ve remembered the magic formula to return in the past!”.

And he continued:


However the magic formula was wrong, suddenly a whirl appeared, very quickly our magician climbed on the dragon and commanded the animal to enter into the whirl. After some minutes, our protagonists were in their London, the XIII century London. Rottbart, Tristam and Iseult were very happy, but they still didn’t understand the behaviour of Remigius…they thought that was a mystery.

Chapter 8 “ Rottbarth and Remigius arrived…”

Chapter 8

“ Rottbarth and Remigius arrived…”

The following day, Tristam and Iseult walked around the city, hoping to find the way back home. But they met Remigius and Rottbarth. Now, let’s step back to understand better how they arrived in London. While Remigius was preparing the magic potion to kill Tristam, his lord shouted:

“ Remigiuuus! Where are you? What are you doing? ”.

But Remigius didn’t hear him, infact Rottbarth, irritated, shouted more loudly again:

“ Remigiuuus! Where are you? What are you doing? ”.

Now Remigius listened to him and replied:

“ Oh, m..., my L…, Lo…, Lord! Oh my sir, my strong, big, magnificent, handsome sir. I’m in the laboratory and I’m preparing the magic potion for killing Tristam.”

…and, absent-mindedly, he put, in the potion, the mouse’s tales instead of the poisonous tongues of viper. In that moment Rottbarth arrived, came near his magician and looking at the potion, became suspicious, and said:

“ Remigius, why is the potion green instead of violet? ”

But his magician didn’t hear him, because he was pronouncing the magic formula


…and Rottbart with Remigius found themselves in 2009 London , on the Thames.

Now Tristam, Iseult, Rottbarth and Remigius were in London and they were trying the way to return to the past. Obviously our magician Remigius didn’t remember the magic formula. Then Rottbart shouted:

“ It’s impossible! You are a magician, or at least you should be a magician! You can’t forget the magic formula! Oh Remigius!”.

But Remigius didn’t hear him and it seemed that he thought of the magic formula. In the meantime all together walked around London, hoping to try the way to return to the castle or find someone who could help them. And they continued like this for three days and three nights, waiting that Remigius remembered the magic formula. On the fourth day, they were desperate...they didn’t know what to do. Iseult, very tired, said:

“ I want to go back y home…I miss my native land, my family…”and she nearly burst into tears.

Everybody wanted to go back, but everything depended on Remigius, who was still wrapped up in his thoughts. Rottbart was the most irritated and it seemed that smoke was going to come out from his ears. So another day passedby…..

Chapter 7 “ Suddenly they were in London…”

Chapter 7

“ Suddenly they were in London…”

Remigius saw Tristam and Iseult, while they were walking on the Canal Grande in Venice. He wanted to kill Tristam. But, he made a mistake again and carried away them with a whirlpool, in the present.

Suddenly they found themselves in London, between the busy streets of the city.

And so they arrived in this city, that appeared fantastic to them. In fact, the absent-minded magician Remigius has transported them in the London of 2009. London was very beautiful, but communication was very difficult for the two protagonists, because they only knew the XIII century’s’ English

Iseult fell near the Big Ben. She said:

“ Oh, my God! Where am I?”

While she was risking being run over by a black taxi. she shouted:

“Help me!”

She stood up and ran away. She thought:

“Where is Tristam ?...Why isn’t he with me?”.

And so she started to walk around the streets of London, looking for someone who could help her. Tristam, instead, was in the opposite side of the city, near Buckingham Palace. He was still taken aback. After some minutes, Tristam said:

“ Where is Iseult? …First of all, I must find her; second of all, I must find the way back home!”. Tristam saw the road to the Palace and said:

“ This Palace is amazing and I’ll give it to Iseult.”

After he jumped on a car to see her, but he didn’t see Iseult. Then Tristam continued to jump between the cars, trying to find her.

While Iseult was walking, it started to rain. She was desperate and said:

“ Oh, my God! What will I do?…where can I go?”;

She didn’t know what to do and where to go. Then, Iseult walked and arrived at a park. There she found a bench and she sat down on it. Iseult wondered if there was someone who could tell her where she could stay…she felt sad. Meanwhile Tristam, started to walk without destination, because he didn’t know the city. So walking and walking, he arrived into a park and he continued to walk. Suddenly he saw Iseult, but he didn’t believe that she was there. Infact he shouted:

“ I don’t believe my eyes…. are you Iseult?”

She turned to Tristam and, she, incredulous, said:

“ Yes Tristam, I’m Iseult”.

Chapter 6 Remigius made a mistake

Chapter 6

Remigius made a mistake

Iseult went to see what he was doing. He was taking a book of magic formulas and he was memorising a formula. When he had finished, he went out from the palace and Iseult followed him.

Remigius arrived into the forest, where Tristam was with Rottbarth. When he saw the knight, he said:

“Good morning Tristam and Happy death!”,

Tristam replied:

“Death? But…what are you saying Remigius?”.

But Remigius was seeing Rottbarth and he was very surprised, because Rottbarth was wearing a torn feminine dress. Rottbarth went far away from Tristam and he saw Remigius with furious eyes. The magician turned his head to Tristam and started to pronounce the magic formula:

“I see you and your life, but now I know what will happen in the future..”,

On that moment, Iseult, ran between Remigius and Tristam, who shouted :

“Go away Iseult! It’s dangerous!”.

Tristam had a sword and he could fight against both Rottbarth and Remigius, but now Iseult was there and it was too dangerous for her.

The magician was continuing the formula, but he was changing some words, because he had forgotten a piece of formula, when Iseult appeared. He used new words, in fact he said:

“…is here now for you. The past is deleted and the present, too!”,

but he had to say “The future isn’t any longer for you”.

The new formula opened a temporal hole. So a fog wrapped up Iseult and Tristam. They fell in the void. After few seconds they touched the earth and they opened their eyes.

Then, the fog vanished and …

they were on a bridge on Canal Grande in Venice in 2009. Remigius went to the place where Tristam and Iseult were, but they weren’t there anymore. The magician, who was very absent minded (you have already understood it), fell in the temporal hole so he arrived near the river in 2009. But he slid and he fell in the temporal hole again, so he returned in the past. Before that…

Chapter 5 All together in Venice

Chapter 5

All together in Venice

The week after, they left. On that day, Rottbarth got up very calm and he went into Iseult’s room to see her, but, when he arrived, she wasn’t there. He ran to Remigius to ask where Iseult was. The magician replied that she had left in the morning very early with Tristam. Rottbarth was furious and he decided to leave to Venice and said to Remigius:

“Pack my and your suitcases! Hurry up!” .

Remigius didn’t want to leave, but he followed the orders, because he didn’t want that Rottbarth punished him. In this way, few hours after, Tristam and Iseult, Remigius and Rottbarth and their retinues went to Venice. Rottbarth had sent a letter to Lord Tower and he had written on it:

I’m going to arrive with Remigius at your palace, because I know you’re giving hospitality to Iseult and her retinue, tomorrow.


Rottbarth Karkaroff

The journey was very long and during it Remigius and Rottbarth invented a new plan. On the 3rd of February all people arrived in Venice at 9.00 . Tristam led Iseult to Lord’s palace, kissed her and he said:

“I’m going in the forest for the appointment with the Lord. Stay in the palace and don’t go out without guards. You are a young girl and you are very beautiful, so the thieves could harm you!”.

After that, he went into the forest and he left Iseult alone. In the meantime Rottbarth entered in the palace and he went to his room, while Remigius was preparing all things to kill Tristam. Few minutes after Rottbarth was walking in the forest where Tristam was, to spy on him. He was wearing a feminine dress and he was taking a wig with long brown hair, because he didn’t want that Tristam recognized him. He was turning around a tree when he became pale and stammered:


a voice exclaimed: “Trick or treat?”.

It was Tristam’s voice.

“Treat!... No…Tristam!” Rottbarth replied. Tristam said:

“Yes, it’s my name!”

and Rottbarth “I know!”, so Tristam exlclaimed

“Wonderful! And…who are you?”,

Rottbarth answered: “Rottbarth!”.

Then Tristam, while he was laughing, stammered:


and Rottbarth said: “Romeo and Juliet!”,

Tristam was perplexed and he replied:

“No, I said Rottbarth. I don’t believe you! You aren’t Rottbarth! He’s a boy, no a girl!”.

Rottbarth, furious, threw on the earth the wig and tore the dress, so Tristam continued to laugh and he couldn’t stop. In the meantime, at the Lord’s residence, Iseult met Lord John Tower and she asked him:

“Lord, you sent a letter to Tristam to invite him here and you wrote that he had to go in the forest to meet you, why aren’t you there?”,

the Lord, surprised, answered:

“But.. I didn’t send a letter to Tristam. You, my princess, sent a letter to me for coming here!”.

Iseult was worried and asked:

“Is it true?”,

“Yes, my princess!”

replied the Lord sure. In meantime, Iseult heard Remigius’ voice, he was saying:

“Oh my God. I hate Rottbarth! “Remigius come here!”, “Remigius go there!”, “Remigius do that!”, “Remigius hurry up!”, Remigius, Remigius and Remigius, but who am I? I’m only a man, a poor man. I can’t do everything. He must do something alone!”.


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Romance: from middle age to our days

Ecco quet che le carte empton di sogni,
Lancliotto, Tristano e gil altri erranti,
Onde conven che il voigo errante agogni.

our class

our class

Ist step Introduction



· E mails

· PPt presentation about their country and local reality

· Chat session (after the first contacts)

2nd step web quest

Students investigate the web quest and make a web quest about middle age – website review

The desired outcome of this Quest upon the Web is that you, the student, will have gained knowledge of Middle age, been enriched by having read one of the classic romances of all time.

You will be part of a group of four who will work together in order to complete the tasks. Each group member will accept one role, do all the research needed for that role, and teach the others in your group the knowledge you have gained. The final project will be to creatively present to the class what you have learned. This may be done by combining your individual work into a display or presentation, or you may wish to be creative and do something entirely different. Whatever the case, working together is essential.

Enjoy your tasks and the role you choose

The Process

The Knight

This task, should you choose to accept, is to discover what it was like to be a knight in this period. Find out what his typical day was like, his hobbies . Show it in a 2 page paper or ppt

The everyday man

You will need to find out how someone lived in a village or in a town (choose two or three of the topics offered). Learn what type of food was served; what was the popular entertainment; what were the roles of men and women. After collecting your information, write a two page paper comparing your life as a student in the 21st century to what your life would have been like in that period.

The Historian

As an historian, if this is your choice of roles, you have a longing to find out as much as you can about the historical background of the country you have chosen ..

The Student

You task is to find out about the intellectuals of that

Period and their audience.

Then you have to prepare a set of 15 questions your friends and you are likely to answer.

3rd step romances investigation

Students investigate romances and describe/discuss what they are after having already investigated it with their Italian and history teachers.

4th step production

Students create their own modern day or traditional romance – exchange work between schools.(interaction)

The written romance could be sent to - a website for young people to submit their written work and get it published online

5th step: being more and more creative

they create a story for children or a video

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